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Would you like THESE results from your next show??

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

1) This week - Case Study of Show Results

In this episode, we are following up on our Exhibitor Coaching Session with Reginald Ferguson of The Groom's Man! If you missed that episode, you can Check out Episode #220 Here.

Jim and Reginald discuss how The Groom's Man performed at a large wedding show, including:

  • Did they hit their Goals?

  • What did they incorporate from the Coaching Session? Did it work?

  • What went well?

  • What would they change?

  • Would they do this show again?

  • And much more!

Listen now to #221 and SHARE IT! Episode #221 - Show Results & Follow Up

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip - Get Attendees to TRY your business Ever walk by a restaurant in the food court where they are handing out samples? Why do they do this? Because MORE people are converted to customers with this method! So at your next show, try SAMPLING - or get the attendees to TRY your business. If you have a product they can try, take with them, hold or demo, try it! Or if that's not possible, then immerse them in your branding so they get a feel for how it is to do business with you! 3) ALMOST HERE!! New Trade Show Traffic Scorecard! Our Brand New and Exclusive Trade Show Booth Traffic Scorecard will be coming to your email box THIS WEEK! And it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just need to be signed up on this email newsletter list. So SHARE this with someone and have them go to to sign up! This powerful tool will help exhibitors create new strategies for getting more attendees to their booths! Features 25 different techniques to put into practice PLUS a scoring method to help any company uplevel their game and drive MORE traffic to their booth! Jim

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach

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