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5 Incredibly Simple Strategies to Help You Win With Video Marketing

Consumer Goods Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer

The content marketing scene is consistently changing. And it’s obvious that video marketing is here to stay. In fact, a Maryville University infographic identified video production as one of the most important modern marketing skills for business innovators to master.

This study by Cisco, meanwhile, predicted that 82 percent of internet traffic would be going to video content by 2021.

Such revelations just go to show that if you haven't started making videos, now is a good time to start. And if you’re already into video marketing, then it’s time to step up your game. The good news is that it’s actually super easy to make the move. Here are five simple strategies you can start with.

1. Map out the results you want to achieve with video marketing

When content creators or brands delve into video marketing, they often do so without a clear-cut outline of what they want to achieve. Learning about video may seem like a lot to master, but just like every journey, it’s wise to create a road map of where you are going to. Many people get lost and frustrated with their video-marketing efforts because they just put out videos without a plan.

Grab your pen and paper, then take a step back and think about what exactly you want to achieve. Do you want to increase the number of your email subscribers? Do you want to convert your viewers to buyers? Do you want to sell videos on YouTube? Do you want to get more subscribers and grow your YouTube channel? Or do you just want to boost your sales? In each case, the road map will be different, so plan accordingly.

2. Focus on creating videos your audience will find valuable

No matter the niche you’re in, there’s an audience ready to watch your videos. But to win in video marketing, you don’t need just people who will watch your videos, but people who will keep watching your videos.

To make that happen, start creating videos your audience find valuable. Giving value consistently is what will get them to come back to watch more. A good example is the Home Depot. Home Depot’s YouTube channel is full of DIY videos. The company knows it's  catering to a community that loves crafts, so it consistently makes videos that meet that need.

A report by Forrester revealed that marketers get a 200 percent to 300 percent increase in click-through rates when they include video in email leads. So, let your email subscribers get a higher value in the form of specialized content. Take your video marketing a step further with premium video content for those who join your list.

3. Use your video content to tell a story.

Every good video must do two things. First, it must capture the attention of your viewers. Second, it must sustain your viewers' attention to the end of the video. Nothing does that better than a video that tells a compelling story. 

You may be trying to sell a product, promote a brand or simply educate your audience. Storytelling develops an emotional connection with your audience, and that encourages engagement.

4. Create video content that’s perfect for mobile devices. 

There are more people on their smartphones than any other device. Videos are the most shared content on mobile phones. According to Invodo, 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Considering the vast number of eyeballs that are on mobile devices, it’s only wise that marketers make videos suitable for mobile viewing.

Given the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, shorter videos are especially appreciated. So, instead of creating long videos to increase watch time, switch to shorter ones.

5. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

Content creators have recorded a lot of success collaborating with influencers. Collaborations help to raise the number of viewers and increase the rate at which the video is shared. That may sound great, but it doesn’t mean you should collaborate with every influencer you meet.

Let your audience’s need influence your choice of influencers to work with. Collaborate with those who have the same audience you do. Their content should be something your audience is already interested in.

You don’t have to work with influencers who have a large following. Those people may be too busy to give you a return call. Instead, collaborate with content creators who may have only a medium-size following but definitely a high engagement rate. That’s the sign a content creator should look for, to find an influencer who has sway over his or her viewers.


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