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5 Reasons Why Business Process Outsourcers are Transitioning to Cloud

by Brian Mistretta

With contact centre BPOs around the globe migrating from on-premise to cloud technology, competitive organisations are left asking: is my BPO next?

On-premise or single-tenant hosted contact centre BPOs are making the move to cloud; whether the result of an organisation-wide initiative, the desire to scale, a move towards centralisation, feature limitations or for a variety of other business reasons. But what motivations lie at the core of this migration to cloud? What’s to gain from moving to the cloud?

Read on to get an inside look at why contact centre BPOs are migrating to cloud technology at an astonishing rate, and how the transition can impact your organisation. You’ll learn from BPOs themselves, why they transitioned away from outdated and rigid on-premise systems and what the results have been.

1. Rapid Implementation While making the move to Cloud may seem like an impossible transition, BPOs are actually choosing this platform because of its rapid implementation capabilities. Leading CX provider Sitel Group worked closely with the NICE team to launch its cloud call centre software in only 90 days! Even with a wide-ranging set of requirements, the team met the three-month deadline — and unified all of Sitel Group’s sites and partners with the cloud workforce management software.

With this rapid implementation of software for call centres, Sitel Group seamlessly moved away from its 20-year-old solution to enjoy an integrated omnichannel experience without hindering day-to-day operations. When organisations know changes need to be made to their platform, they choose cloud technology that enables rapid implementation.

2. Reduce Expenses and Increase Speed When global customer service BPO Webhelp decided to migrate to the cloud, they faced a tough challenge. With more than 40,000 agents in 20 countries and 100 sites, the transition appeared difficult. Yet the move to the cloud was made simple with the NICE call centre software implementation team — and the immediate impact on Webhelp’s bottom line made the transition well worth the task.

With their new cloud contact centre, the results were transformational. Webhelp won business from leading clients and grew their reach into more countries. When Webhelp needed to create new sites, their cloud platform enabled quick launches and reduced the spec, development, testing and training processes. Better yet, Webhelp no longer needed to purchase and maintain expensive on-site hardware. By taking their annual contact volume of more than 250 million to the cloud, Webhelp saved time and money almost immediately after the transition to software for call centres.

3.Eliminate External Transfers Cloud technology offers BPOs a unified platform. With CXone workforce management software, organisations get it all. Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence are all part of a single software solution. With NICE CXone, Sitel Group was able to simultaneously offer numerous business process outsourcing locations with the omnichannel routing of voice, chat and email on a single platform.

This capability eliminated time-consuming external transfers between agents and conserved resources. And with Sitel Group’s 3.5 million customer interactions every day, it’s easy to see what an enormous impact this unified platform has made.

4. Manage Multiple Needs If your BPO manages contact centres internationally, a single workforce management software solution can make a tremendous difference. Webhelp Nordic witnessed the difference come to life in their migration from on-premise to cloud. Managing customer service for clients based in five different countries — and in various languages — proved to be a balancing act and their on-premise service wasn’t allowing their team to deliver an ideal customer experience. With all the channels, languages, agents, and expectations, Webhelp Nordic needed a truly seamless solution.

NICE CXone enabled this wide-ranging BPO to provide an outstanding customer experience around the globe. Across languages and channels from social media to SMS, Webhelp Nordic was able to meet and exceed customer expectations

5. Seasonal Flexibility With an on-premise system or single-hosted tenant, BPOs can struggle with flexibility. What happens when peak season reaches unprecedented heights? With cloud contact centre software, contact centres can quickly ramp up capacity as calls start pouring in. This new technology enables exceptional service for fluctuating call volumes with limited costs.

In a seasonal peak at Sitel Group, CXone supported more than 2,400 agents, 850 toll-free phone numbers, 400 inbound DID numbers, four unique vendors and seven different locations. It all added up to an exceptional customer experience.

How will your BPO remain competitive as more and more organisations move to cloud? With outsourcing headed for its biggest year yet, it’s imperative that your organisation is ready and able to scale. What does the future hold for your BPO?

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Brian Mistretta Brian Mistretta is Director, Product Marketing CX, and leads the company’s go-to-market initiatives for the CXone platform. Mistretta has spent his career marketing both B2B and B2C technology solutions and brings a strong focus on delivering exceptional experiences for consumers in an experience-driven market and driving awareness of the capabilities and best practices for creating an experience-first culture. See All Blogs

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