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7 Essential Tools Every Instagram Content Creator Needs

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

History of Social networking sites:

Earlier people used to click photos to capture the moment in their memories but they were not able to share them among their family and friends after the 90s people become more connected through social media and globalization aided it. In the late 20th century after globalization in India, people began to carry the cheapest electronic device which is a cell phone. 

The present-day world is connected through social media in such a way that it became an important part of people's lives, everyone posts pictures of their experiences, let that be an ordinary one or a special tour with family and close ones. Soon many social networking sites were created like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, and Facebook was at the peak of popularity

Later Instagram was created in the year 2010 and snap chat in 2011. Instagram is a social networking site for sharing photos, videos, making followers and chatting. Recently, Instagram is gaining popularity over Facebook and Snapchat. Instagram started gaining immense popularity and today every single person right from the small town to a celebrity or even a billionaire has  Instagram. 

Social networking sites have opened new ways of earning for example affiliate marketing, content writing, people also get sponsorship from well-known brands for branding their products if they have a good number of followers, people are also getting appreciation by presenting their talents over social media and also not to forget about the memes and vines that are most popular among the young generation, they also enable one to earn money from these social networking sites.

Content Creator's on Instagram:

As almost every person on this earth right from young to the old have an account, the content creator needs to give the latest updates and create some killer content every time for the users. As people are spending more time over social media it is becoming harder for content creators and influencers to keep people engaged in their work which they are posting over social media. 

Due to the abundance of work on every probable topic over social media makes it difficult to choose the correct topic that would not bore the audience or the followers.

The posts should be presented in such a way that it would seek attention like the posts should be visually appealing to the eyes, colour combinations for the posts is also very important like using some calm and soothing colours for light contents and warm colours for some strong content or for imposing certain things in the reader's mind. 

These days Instagram certifies certain accounts as Creator Accounts but that's rare and you need to be an influencer, have a good bio, and post lots of stories, and make your Instagram feed creative, choosing hashtags and so on.

Creators on Instagram get benefits like they can have growth insights such as data around follow and unfollow, direct messaging tools that allow users to filter the text from a message they require like they can filter notes from the messages of brands. 

These days' influencers earn lots of money on Instagram but being an influencer is difficult and you need to be passionate and have the right guide and track if you want to be an influencer on Instagram.

If you get a job as a content creator at Instagram you need to work hard and research on daily affairs of the nations and stay up to date and also you need to create appealing and engaging posts so that it can throw eyes on your contents. 

To help the content creators and to ease their job Instagram provides certain tools that make your life a bit easier and on the other hand help content creators to create more engaging content.

As already said people get bored more often now, Being a content creator considering this, isn't that easy you need to influence masses and engage them in your posts.

Some of the tools that would give you an upper hand in the war of making contents and people liking the contents are VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight 2, Canva, Photoshop Express, Repost for Instagram, PicFlow, Sprout Social, Websta and many more. 

To guide you and pack your bags with the right tools I will be enlisting a few of them.

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  4. CANVA


  6. AI GROW



When you're a content creator or an influencer on Instagram, the first thing which is a visitor check is followers, right? Sometimes a visitor might want to know are your followers real or fake and in case you have fake followers no one would love to follow you.

This may seem not a big issue for normal people but it affects the goodwill of a brand and is considered a major problem in the field of marketing.

Kicksta is a service that can help increase your followers for Instagram instantly by simple means without consuming time. It will find users who match your description and thus help in increasing your followers without wasting your time and the good thing is the growth in followers would be genuine i.e. no fake accounts.


There is absolutely nothing that can be declared to be safe without providing security. Keeping a backup is always necessary. Just like when you apply for a job or exam you keep multiple copies of the admit card or your resume as a backup in case you lose your main copy of the document.

Similarly, when you are an influencer data, your content is very important for you and odrive provides good backup, they have a cloud storage facility so that your content remains safe and secure. You can even synchronize and even share your content using Odrive.


Being a content writer you need to constantly analyze your viewers and followers. It is necessary to know about your followers and viewers, about their choices, contents that they like the most in your account. This also you create more likeable and shareable content, cause at the end of the day that is the main goal of every influencer. 

To help you analyze your Instagram account it is a nice website that provides information and metrics about followers. They provide a 14-day free trial so that you can experience the goodness for free and then you can subscribe according to your needs. Iconosquare will provide you with all the information and give you statistics about your fans, how can you increase your followers, etc.

4. CANVA:-

If you are an influencer it is necessary that your stories get more views and this would, in turn, increase your follower count, for that you need to give a visual treat to your viewers and it exactly helps you doing that. Canva is easy to use and you can create stunning and beautiful Instagram story templates. Canva provides a wide range of graphics, images, and fonts to choose from.


These days looks matter a lot. First impressions are the last impressions. To increase your followers you need to look good or rather your posts need to look and feel good and that's where photo editing comes into the picture.

Photoshop Express is an excellent app when it can give you dreamlike pictures and it's free to use. You can even make lovely collages and sum up all your memories into a single picture. The app is available on android, tablets and even on Windows.

6. AI GROW:-

No one likes a messy work. Scheduling and organizing your content is important. AI Grow helps in scheduling and organizing posts, stories, etc. and thus it helps in increasing followers. The app name itself tells us hey AI, help me grow which means help my followers to grow.

You can even repost stuff with this app. In today's busy life smart work matters more than hard work. So go ahead and feel free to download Ai Grow. They even provide a free 5-day trial so that you can experience the Ai World.


Once an image is edited, processing the image is equally important. For advanced image processing and basic editing, you can download Snapseed which is free and is regarded better than VSCO and Lightroom app. Snapseed is available on all IOs and Android devices. With Snapseed you can even remove blemishes, creases and unwanted objects from pictures.


In today's world if you have talent in you, if you have a passion for something, then go for it. Social media is always there to present you in front of people. There are people out there who would like to guide you and encourage you.

Use these social networking sites to grow and also inspire the coming generation. All good dishes need a bit of garnishing at the end to look more attractive, these tools are like garnishing your content in the end to add some extra cheers.

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