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Create a Profitable Selling Stage with your Visual Brand!

There are just 4 Items for you in this email, and will take less than 2 minutes to read through the whole thing! And please SHARE this episode with friends and colleagues! They will thank you! 1) This week - Turn Your Visual Brand into a Profitable Selling Stage

How are you presenting yourself in both live and virtual settings (whether in Virtual events or on Zoom calls)? Not only is first impression everything, but what people see can speak even louder than the words you say during your entire presentation! Bringing amazing value this week is marketing and design expert Amy Lokken! With over 27 years of experience in the design industry, Amy, founder, and inventor of Müd Modular knows how to create spaces that sell. No matter if your selling is online, or at a tradeshow, Amy knows how to translate your brand and client experience into a profitable selling stage.

We Discuss:

  • Tips for designing the right trade show

  • Doing virtual events right

  • The biggest mistake people are making today when it comes to their trade show/virtual setup?

  • Why are businesses playing it safe?

  • How do people level up the attendee's experience at trade shows?

  • What does it mean when you say, "Be the Unexpected"??

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #161 - Know your Break-Even amount

  • When budgeting, be sure to know how much money you need to make from the show to at least break even

  • If you don’t know, you may lose money even if you thought the show was a success

  • Don’t EVER settle for a loss! Be Smart and Know Your Numbers!!

3) Are You Ready to Make More Money at your next Show?

  • Are you an Exhibitor or Show Organizer?

  • One of the things I LOVE doing more than anything is helping Exhibitors and Show Planners make MORE MONEY at their Trade Shows!

  • As a professional Trainer and Trade Show Consultant, I have helped my clients incorporate Innovative Ideas to increase qualified leads by over 250% and Close More Sales

  • Want to see what is possible and what you're missing?

  • Schedule your Free no-obligation 15-minute Discovery Call by clicking here

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