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Creative Ways To Use Branded Merchandise For Marketing Events And Trade Shows

In the fast-paced world of marketing, distinguishing yourself is crucial to capturing attention,

fostering engagement, and driving conversions. In the sea of competitors clamoring for

recognition, the challenge emerges: How do you carve out your niche amidst the noise? This is

where branded merchandise steps in. As an effective asset in your marketing toolkit, branded

merchandise has the power to unlock limitless possibilities when employed with imagination

and ingenuity.

Below, we’ll explore some innovative ways to go about using branded merchandise for your

next event or trade show.

Beyond the Booth: Generating Pre-Event Buzz

Before the curtains rise on the main event, create a buzz with teaser campaigns featuring your

branded merchandise. Send out exclusive merchandise samples or host online contests where

participants can win your branded goodies. This not only generates anticipation but also primes

attendees to seek out your booth. By strategically leveraging social media platforms, direct mail

and email newsletters, you can maximize the reach of your teaser campaigns and help make

certain that your brand remains top-of-mind for prospective event attendees.

Interactive Engagement: Gamifying Your Booth

Transform your booth into an interactive playground by incorporating branded merchandise

into games or challenges. By offering branded prizes for winners, it encourages visitors to

engage with your brand in a memorable way. From a spin-to-win wheel featuring samples of

your products to a scavenger hunt with branded clues, there are many ways to use gamification

as a fun twist to your booth experience.

Swag Bags: Giving the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Everyone loves a goodie bag — especially one filled with branded merchandise. Distribute swag

bags containing a curated selection of your branded items to event attendees. Not only does

this leave a lasting impression, but also it extends your brand's reach beyond the confines of the event as attendees carry your branded merchandise wherever they go.

Functional Merchandise: Combining Practicality and Memorability

Thinking beyond traditional mini flashlights and pens is key. To stand out, you should opt for

branded merchandise that serves a practical purpose. Items such as reusable water bottles,

tote bags or portable phone chargers not only offer utility, but also they help ensure repeated

exposure as recipients incorporate them into their daily lives.

Social Media Frenzy: Setting the Stage for Shareable Moments

Encourage attendees to become brand ambassadors by incorporating shareable moments

featuring your branded merchandise. Set up Instagram-worthy photo booths or backdrops

adorned with your brand's logo where attendees can snap photos and share them on social

media. When you offer incentives — such as exclusive discounts or giveaways — for those who

post using event-specific hashtags, it works to amplify your brand's online visibility.

Interactive Workshops: Learning and Creating With Your Brand

Host interactive workshops or demonstrations where attendees might learn new skills or create

something using your branded merchandise. Whether it's a DIY station where participants

customize their tote bags or a hands-on cooking class using branded aprons and utensils,

interactive experiences foster meaningful connections with your brand while showcasing its


VIP Treatment: Offering Exclusive Branded Experiences

Elevate the attendee experience by offering exclusive branded merchandise to VIP guests or

top clients. Create limited-edition items or personalized gifts that make them feel valued and

appreciated. Not only does this strengthen existing relationships, but also it enhances your

brand's reputation for premium quality and attention to detail.

Seizing the Branded Merchandise Advantage for Yourself

As you plan your next booth, keep in mind that the resourceful use of branded merchandise has

the potential to revolutionize your presence at marketing events and trade shows. By infusing

elements of fun, interactivity, and practicality into your branded merchandise strategy, you’ll go

a long way in captivating audiences, nurturing meaningful connections, and creating a lasting

impression that resonates long after the event concludes. Embrace the power of branded

merchandise and witness your brand rise above the competition!

Author bio: Howie Turkenkopf is VP of Marketing and Business Development at Stran

Promotions Solutions. He has led marketing at Stran for 10 years and helps to convey Stran's portfolio of services and its value proposition internally and externally to clients and prospects. Prior to working at Stran, Turkenkopf spent 15 years in the live music industry in

marketing, merchandising and event operations roles.



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