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How to Start A Digital Entrepreneurship Business

Perhaps you are working as an employee for a company and wish to start your own business. Or maybe you already decided to strike it out on your own and have your own brick-and-mortar business somewhere in town. If you fit either of these cases, then a serious consideration of starting digital entrepreneurship should really be on your mind. In this age and time, if you don’t have digital entrepreneurship, then you are already behind. Millions of people have gravitated to the internet and people use the web to search for things they need, buy items they want, enjoy entertainment online, and communicate with each other by email, instant messaging, and the like. Times have truly changed.

There are so many advantages to having your own digital entrepreneurship business. If you already have a full-time job, you could easily do your online business on the side, after work hours. Pick a niche you would want to focus on, and spend a little time on a business plan. When you execute the business, you can spend a few hours each week and have a website up and running, working for you 24/7. As the weeks go by, your business can develop and your reach can touch many, all over the globe. Not only that, if you are not limited to residing in a specific area, then you can work anywhere in the world. Such is the appeal of having your own digital entrepreneurship business, where freedom and creativity reign.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, perhaps your business is doing good but you wish you could kick it up a notch by increasing your customer base locally. Adding digital entrepreneurship to your existing business will really get the ball rolling. You suddenly realize that you can reach more people even in the local area because they do all their shopping online. Not only that but having a website can take in orders automatically. As a result less phone work, less labor, and more time to work on aspects of your business. You would be surprised to know that many things you do in your retail store or restaurant can be handled automatically with a well-functioning website.

Fortunately, catching up to where you need to be in your online presence is not that difficult. Sure, a little more work is needed but a little guidance in the right direction can get the ball rolling. And before you know it, your business can have an online presence that is thriving. If you are planning to sell products or services online then typically you will need an eCommerce platform to do so. Check our article on the best eCommerce platform for your business. You will be pleasantly surprised what you find there as the platform really does have it all. And it can possibly be totally free for you.

When you are building up your digital entrepreneurship business, the best mindset is to take it step-by-step instead of trying to take the whole mountain at once. Remember, it takes time to build. So, one stone at a time. That said, let's cover a few things that you should focus on.

  • You need a domain name for your website. It is actually your brand name. Make your business name truly stand out. Try to get a name that is short, sweet, and catchy. Of course, it has to be available to purchase. There are a lot of domain search websites that help you come up with the perfect words or phrases that would be available to buy. But our personal favorite was Wordoid. In our opinion, it really gave us the opportunity to be creative in finding the best domain name. Creating your own brand can be tricky and you want to get it right.

  • You need a host to manage your website. A host takes care of all the processing inside the website while it is running. A hosting company hosts your website so people can see it.

  • You need a content management system to design your website. There are some platforms that can help you make your site absolutely breathtaking, beautiful, and functional.

But you might be thinking you just don’t have the time to work on these. No worries, every good business person knows there is a time to delegate the work to someone else or at least get some guidance. We cover all of this in our article and it should be your first stop in researching how to start up your digital entrepreneurship business. See the below link.

Your Brand

Along with having your digital online presence set up, you need to make sure your domain name is a solid brand that people can identify your business with. We already mentioned a tool to help you be creative in the name of your domain and brand name. But it can be difficult to come up with just the right name and you certainly want to get this right. There are actually a lot of factors in picking the best name.

Bringing In Your Customers

Also, along with your brand name, your focus will naturally be on how to bring in the customers to your establishment. Attracting the customers to your business online is a challenge and is a whole new ballgame. When you successfully accomplish this area also, then for sure your business will really start to roll and the sky is the limit. As an entrepreneur, you want to figure out the best ways to bring in people. If you do not have a solid plan on how to do this, then your business will never get off the ground.

The Marketing Of Your Business

You will need to set up marketing programs for your business like the below to gain customers.

  • Targeting specific niches directly

  • Obtaining lists of potential clients to target

  • Using marketing campaigns with direct mail and e-mail

  • Use other advertising and promotion methods

However, this is not easy as it looks. Even if you are able to obtain lists of potential clients, it is common to find faulty or missing data. How will you really know if the data is good enough to spend your valuable marketing dollars on? There is a real possibility you are going to waste a lot of time, money, and effort targeting non-existing candidates or potential clients that don’t really meet your criteria. A lack of quality data in your list of leads can really hurt you. Consequently, your sales can drop and your expenses can rise (such as wasted postage and advertising material). Your business can suffer greatly.

Not only that, but to sustain your marketing operations, you will need to make sure you are using proper marketing tools to reach your targets via the internet, direct mail, or in some other advertising form. And in order to be successful in marketing, you’ll need to be on top of the ever-changing technologies and business strategies. Otherwise, you will lose ground versus your competitors. Furthermore, you may find yourself tied up in maintaining your marketing efforts, taking valuable time away from other pressing business matters. Without professional help in marketing, many companies have failed because of poor targeting, poor strategies, and simply poor execution. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Turn to the professionals.

Introducing Concept Marketing Group

If you are not an expert in this area, as a good business executive, it would be wise to delegate some or most of your efforts on brand formulating and marketing to qualified professionals who can take the responsibility and run with it. And getting the brand name right is critical because your marketing will be all wrapped around it. Thankfully, there is a wonderful firm that really shines in all of these areas, called Concept Marketing Group. That is their specialty and they are very good at it. With over 44 years of experience in brand creation and marketing, they basically know every trick in the industry. As result, over 8,000 clients nationwide and internationally have used the services of Concept Marketing Group, with remarkable success.

You will be pleasantly surprised by what Concept Marketing Group can do for your business. The firm tackles the very issues we mentioned earlier that can really hurt your firm. They can help you nail down your brand and set up an elaborate plan for marketing, advertising, and promotions.

Regarding obtaining lists of potential clients, the lists should not be faulty, misleading, or have missing data. No need to worry about this because Concept Marketing Group has the expertise to resolve this by scanning, flagging, and correcting the data. They can also incorporate additional demographics and contact details on the fly. Moreover, they will remove data that didn’t meet your target qualifications and even add additional prospects that truly fit the criteria. As a result, you get the following:

  • Greatly enhanced list of leads that are really worth going after.

  • The cost of wasted postage and advertising is drastically being reduced, saving you time and money.

  • Increased exposure to qualified clients and businesses.

  • Increased sales and revenue.

Not only that, but Concept Marketing Group stays on top of the ever-changing technologies and business strategies. They are always enhancing their services with the latest marketing tactics and methods that really work for you. Therefore, your business will not be behind in reaching more customers. Instead, you’ll be ahead of the pack, already gaining business in new unique ways. Check them out at the below link.

Meanwhile, your time and efforts will be freed up to concentrate on other parts of your digital entrepreneurship.

Best wishes for your success!

James Rainwater, Editor-In-Chief

P.S. - Eventually you will want to collaborate with other digital entrepreneurs because of the fact that when your partners refer clients to you and you refer others to your partners, it builds up both your and your partner's websites' credibility and standing because Google recognizes all the referrals pointing to both sites. Being partners with other businesses is a wise choice and greatly expands your reach along with your partners' reach. So keep us in mind for future reference. We can be partners and support each other in business.



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