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Covid 19 -How to Adapt Your Business to Survive

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

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As small business owners struggle under the enormity of COVID-19, there is still hope. Many small businesses are paving the way for success. Here is a list of resources to help guide you through the trying times ahead:

Start Here

Take the time to do a little triage so you can get a clear picture of available resources.

● Learn from strategies being used by other small businesses.

● Live by this small business survival checklist.

● Give your cash flow a boost by taking out a PPP loan.

● Become a more successful business leader by earning an MBA in business administration.

Cut Costs and Create Revenue

To protect your bottom line, you may need to make specific cuts or changes.

Negotiate rent for commercial leases.

● Decide if you need to cut salaries or lay off staff.

● Get ideas for keeping your businesses operating. If you haven’t already, use e-commerce website builders to get an online store up and running.

Maintain Your Marketing Presence

Find ways to boost your marketing approach so you can reach more customers.

● Work with Concept Marketing Group to build a new marketing strategy.

● Get tips on communicating with customers during this crisis.

● Rehash your social media strategy to provide resources and build loyalty.

The steps small businesses take during the COVID-19 pandemic affect more than the bottom line. How your small business handles this crisis will also have a lasting impact on your company’s reputation. Instead of throwing in the towel or fighting back against COVID-19 regulations, look for ways to forge ahead while keeping your employees, customers, and business safe.

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