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How To Create Email Marketing Templates

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Email is a boon to the internet and is not going anywhere. In the same way, email newslettersare growing popularity among people than it has ever been.

With the help of email newsletters, you can attract a large number of audiences and spread your message to them in order to reach the potential customers.

Whether it is any company news, upcoming projects, or other information related to business. Moreover, it is very affordable.

How To Create Email Marketing Templates?  

Below here you are going to learn about how to create free newsletters templates with the help of Adobe Photoshop along with the use of patterns of very common design.

After completing the design process, you will have an idea about how to code the template.

Final Product

Get Started:According to the general rule of thumb, it will be easier to design your newsletter with a fixed width instead of using fluid or liquid layout. As a result, the horizontal bar will get prevented from using the full width of the screen. Make sure the width of your newsletter’s design should be around m500-600px and the height of important information should be of 300-500px which is an average size of an average “preview pane”

Set Up Documents Using Photoshop: Go to the Photoshop and make a document having a height of 1000px and width of 800px and resolution around 72dpi. Keep the colour in RGB mode and fill the background I with a light grey

Permit User To Check The Email With The Browser They Want: It will be a good thing for the people if they are provided with a number of options to view their email as it is important because some clients do not download any images due to default in the email. So to improve the access make sure you comprise a link to check the email newsletter in the web browser.

Build A Header Of The Email Newsletter: While creating an email newsletter, your main should be to provide up to date information by a weekly bundle about the latest ongoings delivered to your interested readers. After you have established the branding on my block already, then it will be easier for you to choose the fonts, graphics, and colour of the newspaper. To design a header, first of all, drag the mascot in the template of the newsletter, after selecting it. After that,you select a slogan and name and drag all of them on the new document.

Design The Central Part Of The Newspaper: To create the central part of the newspaper, create a rectangle around the size of 600px width right below the header and extend it till the page’s bottom part. Now try to gather all the contents which are going to be featured in the newspaper in the coming weeks.

Try to borrow the attributes of the designs which you have laid in your blog and design the heading with the help of Museo Sans. Now drop the heading in the image along with copying and pasting the article text. To separate each of the article fields, make a dotted border under each of them.

Now after duplicating the foremost entry for two times, move them down to fill the empty places of the newsletter. After that with the help of a guide, insert the entries which are left and remove the content which was duplicated

Include Social Links: Try to keep an area for RSS icons and social networks too and enable the subscribers to share the newsletters with their friends. Create a rectangle of width 252px and insert hew attractive texts so the subscribers can follow.

Include A Footer: In order to wrap the things up, try to include a footer which will allow your users to make contact with you as well as add a link which will help you to unsubscribe the newsletter

There you have it, people. This is how you create free newsletters templates. GetResponse is one of the best ways to do that. 

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