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How To Improve Your Business Branding by Instagram Marketing in 2020

In the world of digital marketing and a highly digitalized world, I am sure you must have heard of Instagram marketing and if you wonder how to improve your business by Instagram marketing you will first have to know how to make an Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a platform that helps you to turn your audience into a customer through your Instagram marketing strategy. It is a platform that will help you to successfully get through your business goals easily. Instagram marketing is a process that helps as a part of social media marketing and among all other social media marketing; this one is the most famous one.

A vast number of people reach out to the social media platforms and conveniently turn out to be potential customers using social media

Optimize Your Bio

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not give you much space to write anything about your business or your bio, there is a certain limitation like you can write just 60 characters in the Instagram bio. Hence you realize how precise you need to be. You will have to discuss your business very precisely accordingly in the Instagram bio.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing that your audiences will see as soon as they come to your Instagram profile, so you need to make it very crisp and precise when you write your bio. Your bio might contain little information, for example let us consider that your business is related to fashion. Then you can mention the place where your business is based such as “US” then you can mention your keywords such as “beauty products” and “Skincare”. You can also mention the name of your brand or the tagline of the brand.

Create a Content Calendar

This is an important step that one must take; one must keep on publishing new content in a regular routine, which could be once a week or twice a week. The publishing should be persistent, you must be on a schedule that how often you would like to post on Instagram and make sure that you follow the routine accordingly.

If you practice keeping a content calendar then you will be able to keep a track of when to post and how to post. If you have different kinds of posts as if you have videos and pictures then you will be able to decide what exactly is needed for your profile. Your Instagram content calendar must have the primary fields of content type, caption, hashtags, graphic or video link, and the day, date, and time of publishing. You need to plan your content at least one week prior to what is going to be included in the publishing.

You will also have to keep your audience in mind who would want to see a good mix of content and they are engaged with your content as a result.

Try out Curated Content

You may be very creative but at some point or the other your content might exhaust your audience. They might not like to see the same content over and again. So then you can take up the curation process, the curative content might make your audience happy to see you or your brand on Instagram. Marketers are using the curation process to get rid of the problems of being monotonous to their audience. At least curation can bring in some creativity to them.

It is a great way to fill the content calendar with the correct for the correct amount of time in the Instagram profile.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the trend of Instagram, everything on Instagram is searched with the hashtag trend and it has become famous like that all over the globe. Well, hashtag in Instagram plays a vital role anything you want to search in Instagram is searched with #hashtag, hence having hashtags is very important.

According to the Instagram algorithm the hashtags are very important, which helps to search for anything and everything on Instagram. After much analysis, it has been found that on Instagram, the posts which use hashtags find at least 10% more than that of normal posts without hashtags. Hence hashtags stand very important on Instagram on a regular basis.

Now, hashtags are also used on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms but the relevance of Instagram and Hashtag is just beyond anything and everything.

Put Instagram Stories

Initially, the story concept was idealized by Whatsaap and most of the people used to use stories in WhatsApp but the second place where the same idea was implemented was the Instagram stories. This is very important; people would be able to see you in stories. And in a few seconds, they will get the summary about what you are making of the story.

It has been found that Instagram features have one of the highest engagement rates amongst all other social media platforms. It is a powerful tool that will connect the brand and people to you and more people will land up to your home page as a result of seeing your stories.

Instagram story is a short video clip that can either promote your business or it can also be full of the “behind the scenes” of your shoot. It completely depends on you what your business is about. The best thing is that you put some kind of video in your Instagram story because putting up pictures could be boring.


Here, in this article, we have discussed all the 5 strategies of Instagram Marketing which can fetch your business to another level and you can make your business reach the peak if you do the correct Instagram marketing. Over 25 million businesses already have a profile on Instagram and are using it as a channel to promote their brand, products or services, and also for employee engagement. The level of engagement in Instagram is most among all other social media platforms.

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