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How to Increase Sales on Instagram [Infographic]

With over 3.5 billion active users all over the world, social media has great potential for marketing. The beneficial aspects of social media marketing have become clearer in the wake of the global pandemic.

As you know, the rate of online shopping has sharply risen because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are spending more time at home trying to keep their social presence to a minimum. So there is a shift towards online selling using social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Now, social media is not just for brand awareness, but also for direct sales. The number of social networking services with shopping features is increasing day by day.

Instagram is one of the user-friendliest social platforms that offer Shoppable posts. Online selling has just been a lot easier in the aftermath of releasing the Shoppable Posts feature on Instagram.

With Shoppable posts, Instagram has become a more business-oriented service. In fact, you’re not facing a platform focused on socializing, but for business growth and selling. It’s useful to remember that around 80% of Instagram users are following at least one account related to business.

With this new feature, these Instagrammers don’t need to leave the application if they want to buy a product. In other words, their shopping spree can be entirely done within the platform.

To create a shoppable post on Instagram, you need

  • Shopify Store

  • Facebook Page/Shop

  • Instagram Business Profile

Of course, your business must be in compliance with the merchant agreement and e-commerce regulations of Instagram.

After that, you can tag your products in your posts or stories. Instagram lets you tag 5 products in a single-image post or 20 products in a post with multiple images.

But remember that apart from creating shoppable posts, you need to have a great marketing strategy. Without that, you can’t direct potential customers to your shoppable links.

To start with, you need to that a good strategy for marketing on Instagram usually covers these steps:

  1. Define your objectives: how many sales you want to achieve via Instagram?

  2. Target niche audience: what kind of audience does your business have?

  3. Generate and post niche-related content: the more visual, the better.

  4. Promote your content: influencer marketing is the best.

  5. Engage with your audience: the more transparent, the better.

  6. Analyze your performance: recognize your well-performing activity.

Now, you’re ready to start selling using Instagram and it’s useful to look at this well-researched info-graphic by Social Tradia.

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