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How To Promote Your Blog With Webinars

You have been a successful blogger for a while, posting regularly for a number of devoted readers who appreciate that you share knowledge with them. However, you would like this number to grow and you want to share your content with new users.

You have already tried various forms of promotion, including traditional ads. Now you are looking for a more effective solution. Want to engage your audience right from the start and give them a sneak peak of the content they will find on your blog? Use webinars! From this post, you will learn why webinars are a great promotional tool for a blogger.

Be present in new channels

With webinars prepared on the basis of your content, you can be present in other channels than your blogging platform or social services you share your stuff in. Did you know that YouTube has one billion users, which is almost one-third of the Internet? If you start your own YouTube channel and publish your webinars there, just imagine how many new users you can reach out to. Many of them have never heard of you. There is a chance they will join your YouTube channel and visit your blog as well.

Diversify ways you present your content

With webinars, you can deliver your content in completely new ways. It is possible that some members of your audience are interested in what you write but they can’t be bothered to read long blog posts. They’d rather watch and listen. For them, a video is much more attractive and easier to follow than text. Webinars let you reach out to such people and encourage them to follow your blog.

Diversify ways you present a topic

Imagine that the topic you want to cover next is a broad one. You cannot deal with in a single post. You don’t want to make a blog series of it, either. Provide a short text-teaser instead and tell your readers you are going to elaborate on the topic in an upcoming webinar. If they want to know more they will gladly accept your invitation.

Recycle and update your content

With webinars, you can reuse posts you published a while ago. Does an idea discussed in an old post resonate well with the current situation in your industry? Or maybe a topic you once covered needs an update? Don’t tell your audience to read your old stuff. Instead, take your old stuff and make a brand new, engaging webinar out of it. You get a chance of winning new users who haven’t read your blog yet.

Create webinar series on your blog

If a topic you want to cover is an extensive one don’t write a blog series. Remember you want to attract people who are not that keen on reading. Run a webinar series instead and invite your audience to participate. You can engage webinar attendees much more than readers. As a result, they are much more likely to come back to you.

You can use your series many times. Make it available on your blog and promote it to let even more potential readers benefit from the knowledge you have shared.

Run live webinars from industry events

Presentations by industry gurus. Inspiring lectures by awesome speakers. Experts’ opinions. There are plenty of things you can share with your readers when at a conference. You can write a post during your lunch break but why not run a webinar instead? With a live webinar, you can actually let your audience feel the atmosphere of the event. Announce your webinar early enough on the blog. Invite an expert participating in the event to be your guest and let your audience know he or she will be present. They won’t miss it, that’s for sure.


Webinars are a great tool if you want to develop and promote your blog , giving you an opportunity to reach out to new followers. You will attract those who’d rather listen and watch than read. And you will present your current and previous content in a new, more engaging way. Haven’t tried webinars on your blog yet? Wait no more! Check how ClickMeeting can help you create your first webinar.

Posted by Agnes JozwiakAgnes is the Marketing Director at ClickMeeting.

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