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How To Sell Your Products Internationally Using Skype

Skype is now not only a comms tool that allows video, voice, and text chats but it is also a VoIP telephone system. You can purchase telephone numbers across the globe so your customer can reach you on a local landline number from another country and your Skype will ring on your device.

The way Skype has designed its system is very clever because it challenges most of the top VoIP PBX system out there and with its monthly packages, you can make unlimited voice calls.

However, it does not do everything a VoIP PBX can do, so you will need to figure out whether Skype is going to give you the kind of telephony system that you need to operate a sales team.

Now Skype is owned by Microsoft, you can pick it up along with the Microsoft 365 package, however, you can also install it as an individual app or use Skype on your web browser usually with a Hotmail account.

You can find out more about Skype Business here, but before you do, check out why this application is so useful for your business.

Using a Local Skype Number

There are several ways to make use of a Skype international number for sales. First of all, when you call using this number, it will appear on caller IDs as a local number calling. This instils trust when it is a sales call because some people may initially be skeptical about foreign numbers. This then gives your salesperson the chance to pitch what it is your business is offering.

Using Skype Land Line Numbers

If your business also accepts incoming sales calls, then you can buy numbers in countries around the world. This way, when someone wants to get in touch, they can call a local number. It means the person inquiring will not be charged outrageous rates for international calls. Besides, there are very few people that would want to contact you if they know their inquiry is going to land them with a heft international bill.

Skype For Business

This is the best package for sales teams. You will be able to see which sales personnel are online when they are online and check their calendar. It is the same as the personal version of Skype but with a few additional collaboration tools. You can set up business meetings and invite others to join meetings if they are also online. You can also use it to schedule meetings so the sales team can always stay in touch.

Skype For Mobile

You can also install Skype on your mobile and have all your international numbers connected to it. This way you will always be able to get in touch with your sales team, still, answer important calls, and make calls to other countries. Some salespeople have been known to just find a quiet spot, use a cradle for their phone, turn on loudspeaker, and make all their overseas sales calls directly from their smartphone. In effect, this is a travelling office and international IP telephone system.

Skype Subscriptions

One of the great things about using Skype is its telephone subscription packages. You can either select a package according to the monthly usage you expect from each salesperson or go all in and purchase the unlimited package. You can also get cheaper subscriptions if you only plan on targeting your sales calls to landlines or if you are going to mix both mobile and landline calls, there are also packages for this.

Altogether, Skype is the perfect solution to target people overseas. You should also make sure you have a website for each location you are calling so while your sales team speaks to the potential customer, you have somewhere for those people to check out additional information.

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