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Integrate Direct Mail & Digital Ads with IP Targeting

by Streamworks

Smart marketers are always looking for ways to lift response ways and incorporate multiple channels into their direct mail campaigns.  IP Targeting, or using online banners targeted only to those records on your direct mail lists, is an effective way to combine direct mail and digital advertising.

Before we get in too deep, let’s refresh our understanding of an IP address:

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numeric label assigned to devices participating in a computer network. The IP Address is used as an indicator of geographic location, but does not contain any personally identifiable information.


So how does this apply to direct mail?

 IP Targeting is the process of leveraging IP-based data, such as user location or connection type, to target online banner ads to the most sought-after customers and prospects in your database (just like direct mail!) The appeal of using IP Targeting to place online banners ads is that the ads will only be shown to records on your mailing list, so you’re not paying for impressions and click-throughs of people you don’t want to reach. Below, we’ll explain how to use this method of online advertising to augment your direct mail campaigns.

Use IP Targeting to prime your mailing list prior to direct mail drops

You can deliver hyper-targeted online banner ads directly to the records on the mailing list for your direct mail campaign. Doing this step before your direct mail campaign drops helps to increase the likelihood that they will take notice once your piece hits their mailbox. Make sure your online advertisements are cohesive with your direct mail piece to really drive your offer home and create synergy between the two channels.

Use IP Targeting to acquire new clients and prospects

Step up your acquisition efforts by matching your database with the IP and demographic data to create and target “look-a-like” audiences. This tactic will allow you to deliver relevant ads to specific audiences, reducing wasted impressions, and increasing click-through rates and message reach.

Use IP Targeting to create brand awareness

IIP Targeting is a great way to create ongoing brand awareness. Use it to target key customer and prospect segments while you reach out to them through other tactics such as direct mail, email or social media.  Even if the banner ads aren’t timed to appear in conjunction with specific mail drops or campaigns, seeing banner ads with your brand’s message will create awareness and reinforce other marketing tactics. The fact that you’re only paying to show those banner ads to the exact people you want to reach, means you’re maximizing your budget dollars. Score!


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