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Make Social Media Marketing Work for Your Business

It is surprising to see how many businesses just post on their social media pages for the sake of putting content up there. If this is you, then you may be doing your business more harm than good. In this guide, we will cover why pointless points can do the opposite to foster brand awareness and positive brand perception, and we will talk about how timing your posts is of the essence.

This guide is just a drop in the ocean when you take all social media marketing strategies into account. However, one thing it will do is help you assess how many posts per week you should deliver.

Delivering the Right Number of Posts Per Week

Posting post after post on your social media accounts can work against the very reason you are using social media as a marketing strategy. You will need to bear in mind these posts are appearing in your customer’s Facebook feeds for instance.

If your posts start to pollute their feed, this is a one-way ticket to them hitting the ‘unfollow’ button. In the end, your posts served to be nothing but a nuisance taking up valuable space. Therefore, it is up to you to judge how many posts per week you think are reasonable.

Of course, there are places such as MMA gyms, dog grooming studios, and hairdressers that produce daily results and that means posting multiple pictures every day displaying the excellent work that has been done. On the other hand, you will still be polluting some people’s feeds. In this case, it is hard to get a happy medium because, on the one hand, you have customers that love seeing the results of your work on a daily basis while others will not be so enthusiastic about the multiple posts on their feed.

The best way to work around this is to use Facebook for your weekly posts, then Twitter and/or Instagram for your constant stream of pics. You can then use Facebook only for artwork that stands out.

Just make sure you let your Facebook followers know that from now on daily snapshots can be found on Instagram while promos, deals, and shop/business news will be on Facebook.

Posting Jokes on Your Facebook Feed

Some businesses like to post jokes on their Facebook page. The odd business/industry related post is fine. However, if you are a business that thinks it is building personality by posting any joke available, then you are not building up a proper brand identity for the services your business offers.

Bottom line is, stop all the non-industry specific jokes and spend more time telling people what it is your brand does to help people.

Use Social Media to Advertise Solutions Provided by Your Business

Placing images and text in posts is old news these days. Yes, an image can speak a thousand words, but unless you are looking to deliver a one-liner message, pictures of goods/products, and you need an image to catch people’s attention, just posting an image for the sake of it is pointless. Every image you post should have a purpose.

Try using infographics if you want your images to explain complex services, or even simple services such as we offer free shipping and free returns. You can use an infographic or image to show the ‘very simple’ steps needed to order from your business.

If your business is not selling physical goods and instead services, then you will find infographics are going to be an essential tool in your locker when posting on social media.

Research Competitors and Other Firms Around the World In The Same Industry

Getting tips from how other companies in the same industry as you are using social media is priceless and valuable research. You can look at competitors as well as those that are not in direct competition with you but offer similar services. For example, an online gadgets shop may be using social media while your shop is in a physical location, let’s say London for example.

You can get tips on how the online gadget company uses social media to stand out in the online arena which is arguably way more competitive than selling gadgets locally.

What Steps Should You Take After Reading This?

Ask yourself if you are pumping out too many social media posts. Could you end up sending too many posts that people that may see your company name will soon become immune to it. While fewer posts may make them take note. Unlike brands like Coke and McDonalds that like to be in your face everywhere you go, your brand does not need to use the same marketing tactics because people are less likely to accept this type of advertising.

Be more strategic about your approach. Include pictures, videos, and infographics by spending more time on your social media posts. Furthermore, make sure you use the right social media channels for the right type of advertising. This way you give people the chance to choose how often they can connect with your brand. And, if you are ever in doubt or do not know where to begin, then go online and see what others are doing in your industry and you will soon get the hang of it!

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