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Ottawa Defense Lawyer Comes to Court Prepared to Win Your Case

Have you been accused or charged with a crime? Are you worried about a damaged reputation or losing your freedom? You can depend on Celine Dostaler!

Working exclusively in criminal defense law, Celine Dostaler brings dedication, preparation, and tenacity to every client’s criminal case.  She will explain the law, the charges and issues you face, and your rights within the legal system. Céline takes the time to explain the Criminal Court system; she understands the fear her clients face knowing that they are facing a criminal conviction for the first time.

Celine defends all criminal charges, including: assault charges sex offenses domestic assault                                          child pornography Impaired Driving                                           fraud drug charges Working within the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa, L’Orignal, Brockville, Perth, Cornwall, and Pembroke Celine works diligently on your criminal case. More importantly, she goes to court prepared to win.

From start to finish within your case, you work directly with Celine and will only speak with her; she is your direct point of contact. Her proactive and multifaceted preparation of your case will significantly increase the chances of weakening the Crown’s case. In addition, she diligently works on discovering inconsistencies in witnesses’ testimony and police notes which can potentially remove or reduce charges against you. She will advise you of your options, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how your decisions can advance your interests.

“Celine makes promises she can keep

Celine is the best criminal defense lawyer.  She makes promises she can keep.  I was charged with assault and choking.  The Crown wanted me to go to jail.  She looked at the entire file and told me what to expect in my case.  And she delivered exactly what she predicted.  We went to trial because the charges were nowhere near what happened, and everything at trial happened how she expected.  Go see Celine if you want an honest, no-nonsense lawyer who will deliver on her promises.

S.B. - Client Testimonial”

Straight Forward Flat Billing Fee

Offering a free one-on-one consultation Celine will review your case and set up a set fee schedule with no hidden or unexpected charges. Fees are set for each phase of the criminal process, and there are no extra charges for calls, meetings, or going to court on behalf of the client. Céline takes the time to explain the Criminal Court system to her clients because she understands the fear her clients face knowing that they are facing a criminal conviction for the first time.

Contact our office directly:200 Elgin St, Suite 901 Ottawa ON K2P 1L5

1046 rue King, CP 329, L’Orignal, Ontario K0B 1K0

Cell:613.863.8595 (24/7)


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