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The 5 Most Unexpected Perks of Instagram for Your Business

5 Unexpected Benefits of Using Business Instagram

When talking about powerful online platforms, people often think of trading hubs or bingo Canada casinos that give you the chance to earn thousands in the blink of an eye.

However, in a business context, one needs to look more at the tools you can use to your company’s advantage to create an unforgettable marketing strategy.

Enter Instagram. Out of all the social media platforms on the web, this visual content mecca has been described as one of the most effective when you have a product or service to sell.

With over 300 million active users, the website has attracted the attentions of thousands of big and small brands alike, who have discovered some notable perks to incorporating it into their businesses.

#1: Connect with Your Customers

Although it is often overlooked in this sense, Instagram is also a perfect platform for connecting with customers, especially considering the powerful emotional connections that visuals can create.

Looking at the fact that the platform generates 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter, it’s the ideal tool to connect with your fans, get their feedback, and facilitate relationships in a fun and pressure-free environment.

#2: Get Info on What Your Fans Like

Your customers could already be sharing pictures of your products and reviews of your business or services on Instagram without you even knowing.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a boutique, a popular clothing store or even a landmark, people love to collect and share images from a variety of different eye-catching locations.

When they tag the location of your store, their friends and followers will also see this, providing you with an excellent organic growth channel as your customers market your offerings on your behalf.

#3: Reach New & Potential Clients

Being a global social media hub, Instagram makes it easy to find new companies, trends and people. A great way to reach potential new customers is to use #hashtags to categorize your services.

If you use hashtags pertinent to your business - such as #dogs and #losangeles for a doggy training school in LA, or #coffeerules for your coffee startup - you can instantly and easily reach people who search for the same hashtags out of genuine interest.

#4: Boost Your Other Channels

Anything you post in Instagram can also be shared between your other social media and marketing channels, making for easy integration and a professional appearance.

By using the site’s settings, you can enable sharing on Twitter and Facebook, meaning your posts will share automatically with these platforms at the time of your choosing. The content can even be adapted to email marketing campaigns through Constant Contact!

#5: Fuel Sales

Instagram allows you to post professional, memorable visual content without any costs. This is especially important when your posts help to boost your business’s sales, as there are no real overheads or marketing costs that you need to deduct from your Insta-fuelled profits.

One study by e-commerce platform Shopify has even found that the average sale referred from Instagram is around $65, compared to $46 for Twitter and $55 for Facebook.

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