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The Only Blogging Advice You'll Ever Need

The realm of blogging is a confusing one. After all, with over 150 million blogs on the internet and hundreds of thousands more being created every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how to stand out.

Lucky for you, we searched the web for the best blogging tips and tricks so that you can outperform and outlast any other blog out there.

Did you know that color is extremely crucial when choosing a blog layout? (Creative Market)

Trying to get more readers? Making your blog SEO-friendly or installing analytics can make all the difference. (Moz)

Blogging on a consistent basis can be difficult, so make sure you take some steps to prevent blogging burnout. Step one? Turn off your computer. (Forbes)

Who better to tell you how to write online than blog queen Arianna Huffington and other successful pundits on the web? (Slate)

A blogger is only as awesome as his or her gadgets, so make sure you’re working with some of the industry’s best apps. (Social Media Examiner)

So, you’re a blogger who totally can’t write. How do you create and maintain a successful blog anyway? (Social Media Today)

If you’re looking to monetize your blog, here’s the best guide ever for learning all the ways you can do so. (Search Engine Journal)

And, of course, to succeed in blogging it’s important to stay ahead of the game. (Fast Company)

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