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The Secrets to Getting More Followers

It is not so difficult to get free Instagram followers, if you are willing to do whatever it takes. With a larger number of followers, you can get a lot more done from a marketing angle. You will also have the ability to show off and attract more people simply by the halo effect. More people gravitate toward someone who is known to be popular.

Of course, some people think that just working and working and working is the secret to success. There is definitely something to be said for having a good work ethic, but there are other ways you can juice your success. Why take longer when you do not have to?

Getting Involved With Bloggers

Blogging has been a major deal for decades now, and bloggers are some of the friendliest people when it comes to providing them with free content. When you reach out to a blogger, all you have to do is select the right one and explain what you have to offer – great content they do not have to work on or pay for.

Naturally, you want to speak to a blogger who is in your niche, and is talking to the same kind of audience as you are. As well, you want to make sure that you and your chosen blogger are on roughly the same level. It is often easier to pitch to someone who has a thousand or so followers than to pitch to someone with a million followers. Once you have been featured on some of the “smaller” blogs, you have more built in credibility to bring to one of the heavy hitters down the road.

Keep the Posts Consistent

Consistency is important whenever you do anything that needs to become a significant accomplishment. Being consistent is the difference between a “flash in the pan” and someone who really makes their mark on the world. Consistency can take you a lot of places over time.

Of course, there are two different types of consistency. One type is that you must be consistent with the type of people you are looking to serve and market to. The other type is that you need to be consistent with what you are doing. If you normally post three times a week, you need to keep that up more than 90 percent of the time. If you commit yourself to producing content every single day, you need to be consistent with doing this, for years at a time.

Signing Up With the Right Service

Some people think that you have to buy a lot of followers, but this is silly. Why would you want to pay for followers when you can get them for free? When you sign up with Incentafan, you can get dozens of followers for free. If you later want to pay for some followers, you have the option, but no requirement to do so. You can even get more followers just by doing surveys, again without having to pay anything.




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