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Tips: How to "EXPLODE" your Business Account in Instagram

It is hard to start your own business, but if you waste some time and learn experience from another companies you will notice, that smart using of Instagram tools will help you for the great start. Below Instagram bot will describe 7 best tips for those, who didn't have any idea how to promote your business account:

1. Use #hashtag

Maybe it sounds simply for eminent Instagram bloggers, but all of them started from this stage, and hashtag works to this day. Add name of the brand on hashtag and your client can always find your business account on Instagram. Then, when you have accumulate the big quantity of posts, you can use especial hashtags for especial projects and marketing strategy much easier.

2. Common hashtag shouldn't interrupt you.

They could be like in English and in another languages. If you promote souvenir shop, don't forget to add common hashtags, for example : #gifts, #souvenirshop, #regalos #losmejoresregalos etc.

3. Use built - in post for reposts of Instagram content with followers comments or views-posts of your followers and post it in your blog or website.

4. Everyday follow of new subscribers.

Among them you can find different interesting contacts and companies. Follow of comments, immediately react when you find bad review - you should operate your internet marketing and it should be your personal responsibility because face of your company - it is your face.

5. In response to comments, don't forget use personal answer for correct subscriber. You can do it by using "@" before name of follower.

6. Analyze first results.

Initial analysis will help you to make first conclusion and if needed, change direction of promotion in Instagram. Learn tools of analytics in social network and choose the best variant for your metrics. Maybe, at first time you won't need deep analysis, but monitoring of subscribers increasing, comments, reviews and reposts won't be useless.

7. And finally, always follow the news.

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