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Top 4 CAD and CAM Orthodontist Software

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Many years ago, orthodontists found it difficult to design prosthetics and properly manage their patient’s database. With the surge in 3D printing, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) the practice of designing and manufacturing prosthetics for orthodontists is now much easier. With the availability of the right tools, and relevant qualification, an orthodontist can take his career to the next level by designing and sculpting these prosthetics at ease.

However, for this to be effective there is the need for the hardware to communicate with the computer system. This has led to the development of special software solely for orthodontics. Theses software allows an orthodontist to easily design prosthetics, manage data, print the prosthetics capture deep details where the ordinary eye cannot. Much said, let us briefly look at the top 4 CAM and CAD software commonly in use today.

Maestro 3D Ortho Studio

This special software is designed to allow dentists easily inspect, edit and analyze information gotten from each patient’s scan session data. This software only supports data gotten through the Maestro 3D dental scanner and it is available for iPad and Windows.

CEO of Marty Fahey, who has expert knowledge in this field explains that the Ortho studio has five modules with its specific and unique function. “First is the Maestro Ortho Studio Viewer, which allows you to view the 3D models you have created with the Ortho Studio comes with full 3D functionality of panning, zooming, rotation, measurements of the models, and the accompanying patient’s data.”

The base module is used for the management of the clinic, patients, doctors, and their respective case through a database.

The Virtual setup module is designed for the movement of the teeth for both the archs, contact and distance intersections evaluation.

Other available modules are Transition Models Builder Module (creation of 3D models); Brackets Placement Module (for automatic placement of brackets on the teeth); Clear Aligner Module (for the design and construction of the clear aligners); and the PDF3D Module.

This is no doubt one of the most advanced 3D and 2D orthodontic and prosthetic imaging and clinic management software out there. It has an easy-to-use user interface that provides advanced tools that will meet the imaging needs of virtually any dental facility.

It supports PCs running both Windows and Mac and fully compatible with 3D images scanned with Planmeca  ProMax. The sophisticated coding of this software allows users to easily analyze, re-design, and re-align 3D models with its vast range of tools.

It also allows you plan your treatment in 3D, especially how each tooth should be moved and placed in its proper position, teeth extraction and interproximal reductions, all these in a summarized detailed treatment plan report.

With the Integrated document management Printing module, you can easily create professional high quality radiology reports and printouts.

It also comes with an optional Clinic Management which allows all Planmaca equipment to be hooked up in a network for easy access. It also allows easy access to different X-ray equipment data, logging of doctors, patient’s files, appointments as well as the storage of individual chair positions.

Geomagic Piano

Geomagic is known for being the pioneers of one of the biggest 3D reverse engineering software ever available. Venturing into orthodontics, the company manufactured yet another powerful 3D software, Geomagic Dental. This software opens a new word of management and design possibility and improved communication model between the dental lab and the office.

The Geomagic Dental Lab is known for producing aesthetically excellent results, reducing less chair time and ensuring better care for the patient.

With the Geomagic Dental you can also design and create precise restorations of prosthetics as it has an advanced connection in the imaging and production workflow.

Geomagic Piano was designed based on research done in more than 10 years and in collaboration with high ranking dental companies in the general dentistry field, dental implants and orthodontics.

It stands out from other orthodontist 3D software with its support for dental chair-side and laboratory systems designed with for the accuracy and automation needed to care for the challenging requirements.

WorkNC Dental

WorkNC is an open CAM milling software that allows you easily calculate the safe cutterpaths putting into consideration the tool shape, holder’s position and the machine geometry giving you the highest level of reliability and safety when you mill.

The software has a user friendly interface that is easy to navigate and comes in three versions; 3+1 axis, 3+2 axis and full 5-axis machining available on Windows and IOS.

It also comes with an optional implant module allowing one the ability to fully automate the implant based prosthetics.

In conclusion, though many technicians are unable to access most of these software, whichever one  you chose depending on your budget and knowledge, getting the best result is what 

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