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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies That Every Tech Company Should Try!

There are many traditional social media strategies in the B2C sector and B2B brands mostly get confused on devising an appropriate strategy for their social media marketing campaigns. In fact, they play in a different field than B2C, and many believe social media is only for direct to customer businesses as it is the direct channel to customers. However, in contrary to this popular belief, many of the B2B companies too, including the industry giants, use social media effectively to make tech buying decisions.

Establishing your voice

On planning for B2B marketing, you need to establish a strong, but friendly voice to be heard consistently by your audience to bring them closer to you. This approach will also help to humanize your brand. Similar to B2C, in B2B also people (other business), want to buy from real people whom they like and easily relate to. Social media gives you an ideal opportunity to create a unique brand personality and connect one-on-one with your target audience and engage in a highly personal way.

Sharing helpful content

As we know, content marketing is the key to the world of social media marketing, and it is not different in case of B2B social engagements too. For any B2B technology product, there are users out there who want to gain more insights towards optimizing the product use and get enough information to make a purchasing decision. So, they are always on the hunt for getting more quality and authentic information to more efficient ways to use these products where you need to come on top of these information searches to reiterate your authenticity.

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Social media best practices

As you know how to set the ground for B2B marketing by now, let’s now focus on the best practices in the most strategic approach to social media marketing. Knowing what works ideally for you will help to keep your social media efforts more focused and streamlined towards tangible results.

- Social media stories

Experts already commented that social media stories are out there to stay for long. The concept was initiated by Snapchat back in 2011, and by now instant stories are omnipresent in every leading social media platforms. This unique trend of showing up temporary content, which can put your stories on top of the target viewers feed is expected to continue the same way in 2018 also. With the authenticity it allows on establishing correctly, social media stores encourage immediate and active engagement by the followers especially due to its temporary nature.

However, you need to maintain a fine balance in it because, with so much of content, there also comes much clutter. You should know that more than about 200 million stories are created, and this clutter is moving up on top of the social media feeds. So, you have to strive hard to stand out from others with a unique strategy for it to offer the most engaging, real-time, top quality content.

 - Promoting brand advocacy

It is exciting to have a bunch of brand advocates who tweet on your content and mention your brand and your product in their social media posts. To achieve this, you need to first start with building real personal relationships on a one-to-one basis. It can be achieved as an add-on benefit to excellent customer service or by developing a strong community around your brand content.

By listening to the consumer conversations and with real-time engagement to solve their problems, you can even go farther to simply making brand advocates to get some real brand detractors. You can make use of the same Social Listening tools to locate the influencers on the social media platforms too and try to touch base with them personally.  

- Maintain transparency and trust

Fake news and false profiles are the significant things which diminish the trust of brands, and when it comes to social media, users are more sensitive to it. Brands can take the cue as to how much transparency and authenticity are pertinent to social media survival. Anything you say on social media is under scrutiny than ever before. Being unauthentic or unethical in stakeholder engagement will be easily pulled in this open virtual world. It is not only being identified but also will be shared at a faster pace to create an adverse impact to the brand.

There is no doubt in the fact that social media will be the most potent and relevant marketing tool in 2018 and beyond, but it does not mean that the digital marketers can put all their eggs in the same basket. Many things are cooking at the backburners as AI and VR, which all will show impact in the coming years, so your marketing strategies needed to be planned and fine-tuned for all these coming in the way.

Author Bio

Isabella Rossellini is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content developer with many years of experience. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including business and start-ups.

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