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Why Businesses Need Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversations between your sales or customer service teams and customers should not be about pushing sales only. They’re an opportunity for you to learn the pain points your target is grappling with, the objections they have, what the competing brand is and how you can improve your brand to meet their needs.

Even then, most of the time this information gets lost soon after you hang up because your memory can’t hold everything. You could be losing out on all the knowledge that may have helped you close more deals, improve the product and overcome objections.

But it doesn’t have to be like that every time. You can use conversational intelligence to change the course of things and take control of your business engagements. Conversation intelligence helps you to review all the information from sales conversations where you missed important information.

Why Your Business Needs a Conversation Intelligence Platform

Conversation intelligence software is different from the call recording software because of its ability to analyze conversations, take notes and highlight key themes.

Your business can gain a lot from a conversation intelligence platform by recording and analyzing the conversations happening between your team and sales reps to glean key information. This platform also shorts the time it takes to carry out data entry and share the information with other team players.

Conversation intelligence platforms offer you an opportunity to identify your team members’ weaknesses and help train and coach them. You can also use this platform to share key insights with other teams within the organization.

Benefits of Using Conversational Intelligence Platforms

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established corporation, your business can benefit from using a conversation intelligence platform. Here are the benefits of using conversational intelligence software:

Coaching and Ramping Up Teams

If you manage a sales team, you know it can be really hard to shadow every conversation they’re having with customers. Yet you want to know the content of their conversation so that you can train and coach them to achieve results.

Conversation intelligence platforms give you the control and freedom to go back and analyze conversations while looking out for best practices and training opportunities. Moreover, it makes it easier to review calls as you can easily go through the auto-generated transcripts and pick out themes that you can work on.

Building your sales playbook

As your business grows, you strive to learn from every customer and sales conversation. By listening to and reading call conversation transcripts, you can refine your pitch process. Most importantly, you can also address your customers’ pain points, the objections they have, understand buyer psychology and clearly understand who your competitors are as a learning point.

Improved visibility

Investing in a conversation intelligence software helps you to ensure there is consistency in your teams’ communication with clients. This is particularly important where you conduct sales demos that must follow a certain procedure. Conversation intelligence will help you to get visibility on how well team members are following the process.

Coaching and learning trends

As a sales manager, it can be challenging to effectively manage and coach your team members. This is more difficult when you have to bridge the gap between top and bottom performers.

Conversation intelligence software will help you to transform the average performers to become top performers. This platform gives you a glimpse into the top performer’s talk tracks, the topics they cover at different stages, the amount of time they spent, the kind of questions they ask, how they talk and so much more. You can then use the insight gathered here to enrich your coaching and help your sales reps to improve.

Timely Data Entry

Sales and customer service reps often find themselves losing so much information in between calls. For managers, partial information would result in inaccurate forecasts. The conversation intelligence platform automatically records all your conversations, transcribes them and provides a summary of the key themes on time. This means you can always get the context of customer interactions immediately.

Conversation intelligence platform lets businesses harness their potential as it helps managers to keep up with training and coaching needs of their teams. Most importantly, it also promotes productivity while improving the efficiency of your team members. In most cases, this software will integrate with other important software seamlessly so you can access all of them in one place. With this platform, you can be sure to help your team close more deals, overcome objections and improve your product features.

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