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Brand Archetype Quiz: An Essential Tool For Building Brand Personality

Entrepreneurs and established company owners could sometimes struggle with one question: how well is the brand doing in the market? It may be a tricky question for many, especially when they aren't sure of their brand's personality.

For a company to properly represent itself to its customers, it should have vital elements to promote itself. These may include the company's goals, motto or slogan, values they wish to uphold, and much more.

If you need more inspiration to expand into new frontiers, there is a convenient tool that can help give you more direction. Taking the Brand Archetype Quiz can give your company valuable information to form a brand identity that you can't ignore. Below are some ways this tool can help you build brand personality.

1. Encourages continuous research and optimization

Companies that are aware of their brand personality can do more research on and optimize their current strategies. Hence, it’s crucial to know what to include to boost your image to your customers. Moreover, you can fine-tune it until it perfectly fits your brand personality.

Not knowing where to start with the brand's personalization could lead to a mismatch between the client's needs and the company's products or services. That said, to keep your consumers happy, you must establish your brand personality and reflect it in your advertisements and other parts of the business to remain congruent.

2. Allows customers to connect better with the brand

A company must build a strong brand identity, especially in this modern, digitally-driven world where consumers want to relate to the company, products, or services. Fortunately, you can do this with the help of the Brand Archetype quiz. Because the target market for each company and even each product will differ, companies need this presence.

Without knowing your brand archetype, you may struggle to connect your target consumers with your products or services. Hence, your efforts could fall by the wayside.

Consumers are looking for an authentic experience when they embark on a journey with a company. Therefore, you should have a firm belief in your brand personality to know how to customize this journey for your consumers.

3. Monitors competitor’s moves in the same market

If there is one thing about knowing your company's brand archetype that will help you understand, it's your competitors. Again, if companies don't know where they fit into the market, they won't be as successful at observing their position among their peers.

Carefully monitoring competitors will give you an idea of how you should navigate your business to find the best solution for attracting more customers, even if it includes complementing the competition. Harvard Business Review says it could have various advantages for a company's bottom line.

4. Provides room for growth and development

Other companies with similar brand archetypes could provide ideas for lateral expansion, while those with another outlook could provide opportunities to grow in a different direction. If you haven’t established your company yet and struggle with creating a vision for where you want your business to go, your will struggle to grow or expand.

The more you understand your brand archetype, the more precisely you can produce new or develop existing products or services for your target audience. The most successful brand extensions must align with the rest of the brand persona, keeping loyal and new customers happy.

5. Rakes in more loyal customers through visibility

Many companies have discovered that they should always strive to rake in new customers to increase profits and enhance their bottom line. That said, you shouldn't forget about your loyal customers. When existing clients feel proud that they can associate themselves with such a relatable brand, they will sing their praises, and others will follow.

If your clients can see your company's brand personality shine through your interactions and the various branding tools you implement, they will put more trust in your brand. Therefore, clients who have faith in the business are more likely to continue their journey with the company. They would prefer this instead of buying one or two items before moving on because they couldn't visibly see and connect with the brand personality.

The final say

Although brands will relate to their clients differently and on different levels depending on the product or service they offer, they will all benefit from knowing their brand archetype. The details of each archetype could give companies an edge in the market, especially when they adapt accordingly.

Clients need to build a personal relationship with a company and its brand and want to feel like they are a part of something that could be bigger than themselves. Thus, offering them a well-tailored solution highlighting the brand's personality could be a surefire way to find success, starting by taking a Brand Archetype quiz.


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