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How to Start a Successful Marketing Agency from Scratch

Marketing is at the center of every business strategy, helping brands find authentic ways to reach their customers, gain their trust, and of course, earn their loyalty. The need for marketing seems to be growing hand in hand with the expansion of the business world, which means that the more companies there are joining the market, the more marketing experts have work to do.

That also means that marketers are facing strong competition no matter what area they specialize in. They, too, need to build a brand for their marketing expertise and to position their agency in such a way to earn the spotlight.

That said, starting a marketing business might seem like a done deal with the current state of things, but it’s a challenge you need to face head-on with a solid strategy. Here’s what you need to focus on in order to ensure success for your marketing agency today.

Pick a niche for your expertise

Marketing encompasses such a wide set of options that it can be very difficult for you to dub yourself an expert if you present yourself as the jack of all trades. At least at first, until you build up your agency presence by expanding the services you offer.

To start off your agency right, choose a niche in the industry so that you can discover a market gap, or perhaps a skill gap that your expertise fills in your target market. The niche you choose will then allow you to define your UVP – your unique value proposition. That is what will set you apart from the crowd and help you approach clients who need your help.

Make sure you have the credentials

While many marketing gurus primarily emphasize their experience when talking about their services and offers, you should be sure that you know exactly what kind of value your business is providing. That often depends on the kind of education and certification you have as a marketer, as modern-day clients appreciate knowing that they can trust your knowledge and credentials.

When you approach potential clients, partners, as well as employees, your own knowledge and industry accreditation will play a crucial role in earning their trust. You can showcase the courses you’ve completed and the degrees you have on your site.

Hire the right people – globally

Unless you intend to work exclusively with a handful of local clients in your native language only, and you wish to appeal to a global customer demographic, you should consider working with global teams. For your agency to work in a profitable, compliant manner on a global scale, you can leverage global PEO services to have legal representation in various areas of the world.

PEO (which stands for professional employment organization) solutions help agencies hire people remotely with all the legal setbacks out of the way. You can have a presence where necessary without setting up an entire office, so that you can hire people without worrying about borders. From contingent workers, freelancers, to full-time remote staff, your options should be endless to build a team that will ensure your success.

Build a digital presence worthy of your brand

As a digital marketer yourself, you know the importance of presentation and effective communication. Take your time when you’re setting up a website for your business to create a proper visual identity paired with the right storytelling to appeal to your target audience. The website won’t work on its own, mind you, so make sure to link back to your social media pages, as well.

Your digital presence should be representative of your capabilities in the industry. Use it as a prime example of what you can do as an agency. So, in addition to paying attention to design and content, use it as a portfolio that showcases your skills and expertise.

Find worthy partners in the industry

Being a leader in marketing doesn’t mean sitting on the sidelines and running a business all on your own. More than anything, to be a true leader in this field, you need to work with other experts in your industry who can help take your agency to the next level. Be it a partnering copywriting agency to match your SEO services, or a social media expert to collaborate with your in-house marketing team, collaboration is crucial.

However, success is defined by more than just pure results. You also need to be careful to associate your brand with the right partners who share your values and professional philosophy. Working with like-minded experts helps you establish a strong reputation without having to worry about jeopardizing your own name.

Also, unless you intend to market yourself and to handle your own marketing campaigns (which some agencies do, but they run the risk of spending more time on that than their own clients), you need a partnering marketing agency to position your brand properly.

Marketing will only gain more relevance over time, and that means there’s work to be found in every sphere of marketing that you choose to pursue. However, you need to brace yourself for a steep learning curve that comes with a fast-paced field such as marketing and the accompanying competition, too.

Build a strong brand, a robust hiring strategy, and don’t shy away from investing in ongoing education. Over time, your agency will get the visibility and experience to be considered a leader in the field, and a worthy opponent for all your competitors.

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