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How do you Guarantee Success for your Show Experience?

The experience we have and the experience we put our attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors through is more important to our results than ever! In this episode, we discuss How to guarantee success for your trade show experience with Lydia Sugarman, founder, and CEO of Venntive. We discuss...

  • Surprising statistics about trade shows

  • What should you do to not drop the ball on follow-up?

  • How planning for a trade show is like planning for battle

  • And much more!

Free Guide from Venntive:

Download Venntive's free guide with tips for a successful trade show experience, "Before The Show - Trade Show Success Tips" Visit -

Listen Now!! Episode 136 - Guarantee Trade Show Experience Please share this episode with your team or a colleague who can benefit from these tips!

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Map Out Your Show

Whether you are exhibiting, sponsoring, or attending, it's so important to access the show map and set a plan for who to visit! Some shows are so mammoth that without a proper plan, you can miss most of the vendors and exhibits you would like to see.

No matter the size of the show, maximize your effectiveness by going through the show map ahead of time and putting together your strategy!

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