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More Travel Tips to reduce Stress!

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day - at least for my friends in the US! For those elsewhere in the world...the holiday is why this email is a day later than usual. Hope your week is off to a great start! Ep. 151 - 8 More Tips for Stress-Free Travel This week I'm sharing some additional Travel Tips to help make your travel to trade shows, expos, and even your personal trips more efficient and stress-free! In Episode 144, I shared 15 Travel Tips to help you get to your event, and now these 8 tips are for when you're there and coming back home. In fact - one of the tips will help guarantee that you never leave behind anything in your hotel room ever again! That tip alone is worth listening to and sharing! :) 8 helpful tips in a quick 9 minutes! Now let's get to it, and then please share it with others! Click Here! And here's a chance to listen to recent episodes you may have missed: - BONUS - The Invisible Industry Tour - with Laura Palker - Ep 150 - Sustainability in the Event Industry - with Al Mercuro - Ep 149 - The Excitement of Game Shows at Your Booth - with Matthew King - Ep 144 - 15 Tips for Stress-Free Travel! Next week...Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting discusses Cybersecurity, how it impacts our events, and what you need to be aware of! You don't want to miss it! To check out all the episodes, visit my Episode Guide which has every episode sorted by category. This week's Tip - Jim's Pro Tip # 141 - Hand Out Oversized Bags

  • Want to see your logo displayed throughout the exhibit hall? Invest in big, oversized bags for people to carry around! I’ve seen people put smaller bags into larger bags, and then those logos are walking around everywhere! Plus there’s a good chance those big bags will go back home and continue to be used over and over.


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