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To Buy or To Rent?That is the Question!

by e4 Designs

That is the Question!

The decision to purchase an exhibit or to rent one can be confusing. Use the following checklist where you can determine which solution is the best for your company.


Larger initial investment.

Purchase may require capital funding.

The expenditure can depreciate.

The expenditure can be amortized over several years.

Purchase may not allow for additional expenses for other shows and for promotionals, hospitality, or live demonstrations.

You are responsible for storage, refurbishing or disposal.

Headers & other graphics can be reused.

Responsible for repairs.

Purchase allows company to brand itself with a consistent look.

Does not allow a unique strategy to be taken at selected shows for selected markets without planning prior to purchase.

May not allow flexibility for an unusual booth configuration.


Smaller initial investment

No capital funding process

No depreciation

Expenditure applies to one year’s budget only

Rental allows funds to be shifted to other shows, promotionals, hospitality, or live demonstrations.

You are not responsible for storage, refurbishment or disposal.

Good option for one-time use applications.

Not responsible for upkeep or repairs.

Rental allows flexibility with brand whether it remains the same show to show or changes.

Allows a unique strategy to be taken at selected shows of selected markets.

Can be designed to fit an unusual booth configuration.

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